venerdì 1 maggio 2009


Ecco a Voi, la playlist della puntata n. 16 del "Cocktail Chant", andata in onda lo scorso giovedì 30/04/2009 alle ore 19:00 su RCB - Radio Per Passione (

1. Tom Jones – If He Should Ever Leave You [London Fashion District 2] (cool d:vision)
2. Jeff Cascaro – The Lady’s Not Amused [Mother and Brother](Audioglobe/Kizmaiaz)
3. Bengi Jumping – Checkmate feat May [Charme and Shake!] (Irma Records)
4. Rosalia De Souza – Carolina Carol Bela [D’Improvviso] (Schema Records)
5. Montefiori Cocktail – Gnè Gnè [Cocktail & Lounge] (Pyramide)
6. Fertile Ground – Simple Timeless [Tokyo Fashion District] (cool d:vision)
7. Joker Juice – Jazz Friends [Contrast] (cool d:vision)
8. Batuk –Musica, naturalmente [Cruzeiro Do Sul] (cool d:vision)
9. Mystic Diversions – The Winter’s Gone feat Wendy Lewis [From The Distance] (cool d:vision)
10. Donati – Vagalume [Vagalume] (cool d:vision)

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