sabato 26 marzo 2011


Ecco a Voi, la playlist della puntata 171 del Cocktail Chant, andata in onda giovedì 17 marzo 2011 alle 21:05 su RCB - Radio Per Passione:

1. Simona Bencini & L.M.G. Quartet - Spreading Love [Spreading Love] (Groove Master/Egea)
2. Simona Bencini & L.M.G. Quartet - Capoeira [Spreading Love] (Groove Master/Egea)
3. Nick The Nightfly - I'm Not Afraid [Nice One] (Edel)
4. Nick The Nightfly - I Don't Care [Nice One] (Edel)
5. The Baker Brothers - Patience (Record Kicks)
6. The Diplomats Of Solid Sound - I Can't Wait For Your Love (Pistol Allen) (Record Kicks)
7. Lemongrass - Maison A La Mer [Sea Of Silence] (Sony)
8. Evan Cortez - Forever [Sea Of Silence] (Sony)
9. Bijelo De La Cruz - Cast Away [Sea Of Silence] (Sony)

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