giovedì 2 marzo 2017


Ecco a Voi, la tracklist della puntata 409 del Cocktail Chant, andata in onda su RCB - Radio Per Passione, martedì 07/02/2017, e dedicata all'album di Vibraphile - Lounge Relaxing Music Beats for Headphone (on Bed or Sofa) (GB Music):

1. It's Just Another Blue Sky
2 Chilling on a Sofa
3 Sine Waves on the Sea
4 Moments
5 Mare Sole Tempesta
6 One Tone
7 Love Amore
8 He Hi Hu
9 The Dream About You
10 The Night With You
11 Happy Yesterday
12 Birth of a Dream
13 Wondering Why
14 Music for Headphon

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